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Dr Anisuzzaman

Dr Anisuzzaman

Member, CPD Board of Trustees;
Professor Emeritus, University of Dhaka, and
Chairman, Bangla Academy

Educational Qualification

(1956), B.A. Honours

(1957) M.A.

(1962) Ph.D. in Bengali, University of Dhaka.

Major Professional Involvement

Born in 1937 in Calcutta, Professor Anisuzzaman was a Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Chicago (1964-65), a Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellow at the University of London (1974-75), and was associated with research projects of the United Nations University (1978-83). Having taught Bengali literature at the Universities of Dhaka (1959-69 and 1985-2003) and Chittagong (1969-85), he is now a Professor Emeritus at the University of Dhaka. He was a Visiting Fellow at the University of Paris (1994) and the North Carolina State University (1995) and a Visiting Professor at the Viswa Bharati (2008-09).

He has authored many books in Bengali and English including Muslim Manas O Bangla Sahitya (Dhaka 1964), Swaruper Sandhane (Dhaka 1975), Purono Bangla Gadya (Dhaka 1984), Factory correspondence and other Bengali documents in the India Office Library and Records (London 1981), Creativity, Reality and Identity (Dhaka 1993), Cultural Pluralism (Calcutta 1993) and Identity, Religion and Recent history (Calcutta 1995).

He has been a recipient of the Bangla Academy award for research (1970) and the Ekushe Padak, an award given by the State, for his contribution to education (1983). The Rabindra Bharati conferred on him a honorary D.Lit (2005) and the University of Calcutta the Sarojini Basu Medal (2008).

He was a member of the Planning Commission to the Government of Bangladesh during the liberation war and the President of the Bangla Academy afterwards. He was elected a Fellow of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh.

Email: anisuzzaman@kaliokalam.com

Telephone: +8802 8881080