////Bangladesh Facing the Challenges of Globalisation: A Review of Bangladesh’s Development 2001

Bangladesh Facing the Challenges of Globalisation: A Review of Bangladesh’s Development 2001

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Bangladesh Facing the Challenges of Globalisation (2002)This volume evaluates and assesses the performance of the Bangladesh economy both from the current and strategic perspectives. This has been done by addressing developmental issues of immediate concern and consequence, as well as some selected issues which have long-term and strategic importance for Bangladesh’s development. Thus, Part A of the IRBD 2001 examines major macroeconomic trends and the emerging problems in the economy during FY2000-01 and beyond, by focusing on some key indicators, including overall and sectoral growth rate, credit expansion, savings and investment performance, export and import, balance of payments situation and foreign aid.

Considering the importance of the impact of the ongoing process of globalisation on the increasingly open economy of Bangladesh, globalisation was selected as the overarching theme for the thematic part of the IRBD 2001. Thus, Part B addresses the impact of globalisation on some of the key sectors and areas of the Bangladesh economy including poverty, finance, small-scale industries, IT sector and environment. IRBD 2001 has been prepared through in-depth consultation with the key stakeholders.

[box type=”info”]Contributors: Momtaz Uddin Ahmed, Debapriya Bhattacharya, Toufic Ahmad Choudhury, Uttam Kumar Deb, A K Enamul Haque, Nasreen Khundker, Mustafa K Mujeri, Mustafizur Rahman, Ananya Raihan and Rehman Sobhan[/box] [box type=”info”]Co-published with The University Press Limited (UPL)
Publication Period: September 2002
ISBN 984-05-1655-8
Price: Tk. 545 USD 45

[box type=”info”]Hard copy of the book is available at CPD Office[/box]

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