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Bangladesh Vision 2021

Book Cover: Bangladesh Vision 2021
Editions:Paperback - First Edition
ISBN: ISBN 984-300-000817-8

Bangladesh is going to celebrate its 50 years of independence in the year 2021. The objective of preparing Bangladesh Vision 2021 is to try to present a framework of a future Bangladesh that reflects the hopes and aspirations of the citizens of the country for an economically inclusive and politically accountable society. The Vision proposes a set of concrete measures to achieve eight identified goals, by 2021, through implementation of a number of short and medium-term initiatives and interventions. These goals are: to become a participatory democracy; to have an efficient, accountable, transparent and decentralised system of governance; to become a poverty-free middle-income country; to have a nation of healthy citizens; to develop a skilled and creative human resource; to become a globally integrated regional economic and commercial hub; to be environmentally sustainable; and to be a more inclusive and equitable society. These eight goals emerged from a one-year long activism of Bangladesh civil society throughout 2006, when 15 local level dialogues were held across the country, under the title of National Election 2007: Civil Society Initiative for Accountable Development. The Bangladesh Vision 2021 document was handed over to the leaders of major political parties at the Nagorik Forum organised in Dhaka on 9 December 2006, a time of critical political transition in the country.

This document enshrines citizen’s aspirations as well as optimism as regards the future of Bangladesh as a country that is built on principles of democracy, inclusiveness, justice and fairness, accountability and good governance.
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