/Demographic Dynamics in Bangladesh: Looking at the Larger Picture

Demographic Dynamics in Bangladesh: Looking at the Larger Picture

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Book Cover: Demographic Dynamics in Bangladesh: Looking at the Larger Picture
Editions:Paperback - First Edition
ISBN: ISBN 984-8120-46-7

This is a compendium volume which includes studies prepared under the CPD’s programme on Population and Sustainable Development which was implemented in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Dhaka, during 1998-2002. The volume focuses on two broad but related themes, covering a wide spectrum of issues on population correlates which are of critical importance to Bangladesh.

Part A of the volume titled Bangladesh Population Momentum, Consequences and Policy Implications, includes five chapters. It highlights the potential impact of the population momentum under various scenarios, analyses proximate determinants of fertility transition, reviews present and past population policies and programmes, and examines the prospects of implementation of the current population policy. It also presents studies on the interface between such variables as population, economic growth and environmental degradation in the context of Bangladesh.

Part B of the volume titled Population and Sustainable Development, includes seven chapters. This part covers a number of important issues in the area of urbanisation, migration and development, and focuses on some important variables which impact on their interrelationships. Studies included in this part make an assessment of the demand for education and related expenditure projections; undertake an analysis of the utilisation of public healthcare facilities; identify problems and offer suggestions as regards policy measures for female-headed households and the elderly; and present an analysis of underlying causes of environmental degradation. The studies came up with a number of policy recommendations in each of the above mentioned areas.

Contributors: Samad Abedin, Kazi Saleh Ahmed, Rifat Akhter, M Ataharul Islam, M Mazharul Islam, Nazrul Islam, M Kabir, Fahmida Akter Khatun, Mohammad A Mabud and M A Mannan
Co-published with Pathak Shamabesh
Price: Tk. 750/USD 35
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