/Globalisation and the LDCs: Perspectives from the Asia-Pacific Region

Globalisation and the LDCs: Perspectives from the Asia-Pacific Region

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Book Cover: Globalisation and the LDCs: Perspectives from the Asia-Pacific Region
Editions:Paperback - First Edition
ISBN: ISBN 984-8120-47-5

This volume is a compendium of six articles which focus on a wide range of issues which have critical implications in terms of global integration of the economies of the LDCs. Each article presents a rich pool of information and valuable analyses about the impact of globalisation for the LDCs and initiatives required to address the emerging challenges.

The articles in the present volume were written during the run-up to the Seattle Ministerial Meeting of the WTO in 1999, and as inputs to the preparatory process of the Third UN Conference on the LDCs in 2001. They cover a wide spectrum of issues which concern the interests of the LDCs in the context of challenges and opportunities emanating from globalisation. These include market access, foreign direct investment, foreign aid flow, supply side constraints and trade-related capacity building in the LDCs. each article presents an in-depth analysis of the relevant issues from the perspective of strengthened integration of the LDCs into the global economy and comes up with a number of important suggestions with respect to policy measures and initiatives to address the attendant challenges.

Although the analysis presented in this volume relate particularly to the LDCs belonging to the Asia-Pacific region, the discussion in the volume remain relevant and pertinent for all LDCs as they strive to address the challenges of globalisation in the face of increasing marginalisation of their economies.

Contributors: Debapriya Bhattacharya, Mustafizur Rahman and Rehman Sobhan

Co-published with Pathak Shamabesh

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