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Privatisation in Bangladesh: An Agenda in Search of a Policy

Book Cover: Privatisation in Bangladesh: An Agenda in Search of a Policy
Editions:Hardcover - First Edition
ISBN: ISBN 984-05-1704-X

The book is a compendium of nine papers which assess the privatisation experience of Bangladesh from a number of important dimensions.

The papers present an in-depth investigation into the limitations of Bangladesh’s privatisation policy. The papers focus on management capacity and governance crisis in the state-owned enterprises (SoEs), policy guidelines about the fate of SoEs, and outcomes of privatisation on the general citizen. Based on insights drawn from a number of case studies, it is argued that the design and implementation of privatisation in Bangladesh was flawed to begin with, and thus encouraged the intrusion of vested interests.

The volume suggests that Bangladesh should move away from the present ideologically-driven agenda for privatisation which seems to largely originate from external sources, and should get on with formulating an indigenously designed pragmatic policy for both privatisation and SoE reforms.


Editor: Rehman Sobhan
Contributors: M M Akash, Tanweer Akram, Lenin Azad, Selim Raihan and Rehman Sobhan
Co-published with The University Press Limited (UPL)
Price: Tk. 395/USD 30
Hard copy of the book is available at CPD Office


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