/Report of the Third BCIM Conference

Report of the Third BCIM Conference

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Book Cover: Report of the Third BCIM Conference
Editions:Paperback - First Edition
ISBN: ISBN 984-32-3052-3

This publication covers the Third Conference on Regional Economic Cooperation among Bangladesh, China, India and Myanmar (BCIM). The Conference was held in Dhaka during 6-7 February 2002. The Dhaka BCIM meeting brought together the leading civil society institutions and high level government officials from Bangladesh, India, China and Myanmar. The BCIM initiative explores opportunities for cooperation among these four sovereign countries. Within the two largest countries in the grouping, India and China, the immediate prospective beneficiaries would be the seven states of North-East India and the Yunnan Province of South-West China. The geographical proximity of these sub-regions to Bangladesh and Myanmar give them the opportunity to participate in a prospective growth-zone with enormous potential for economic development for the region.

Three successive meetings of the BCIM in Kunming, New Delhi and Dhaka have identified those potential areas for cooperation in this region which is rich in natural resources, as well as people across an area which represents the interface between East and South Asia. The Dhaka Meeting, whilst recognising that its consultations were conducted at the unofficial level, offered useful suggestions as to how the BCIM initiative may eventually fruitify at the official level and evolve into a sub-regional grouping.

Part 1 of the volume presents a brief overview of the proceedings of the Third BCIM Conference while Part 2 includes the papers presented at the three technical sessions, i.e. Trade and Investment Opportunities: Status and Potential; Strengthening Transport Connectivity; and Institutional and Political Dimensions of Cooperation.

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