/Revisiting Foreign Aid: A Review of Bangladesh’s Development 2003

Revisiting Foreign Aid: A Review of Bangladesh’s Development 2003

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Book Cover: Revisiting Foreign Aid: A Review of Bangladesh’s Development 2003
Editions:Hardcover - First Edition
ISBN: ISBN 984-05-1708-2

The three chapters in Part A of IRBD 2003 examine the efficacy of macroeconomic management in Bangladesh by studying such important performance indicators as GDP growth rate, savings and investment performance, revenue mobilisation and public expenditure, credit and monetary growth, and wages and inflation. Part A also looks at Bangladesh’s external sector performance by concentrating on export and import, terms of trade and balance of payments, with a discussion on some selected key emerging issues. This section of IRBD 2003 also presents a review of the various initiatives and activities which went into the preparation of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) for Bangladesh.

Selection of the theme of aid as the overarching focus for Part B of IRBD 2003 gives the current volume a distinct flavour. Titled Revisiting Foreign Aid in Bangladesh this section of the volume presents a rich discourse on aid by looking at it from a number of important perspectives in the context of Bangladesh. Thus, the nine chapters in Part B of the IRBD 2003 presents a critical examination of the political economy of foreign aid to Bangladesh, macroeconomic dimensions of aid and the underlying dynamics in the distribution of its gains, changing role and structure of aid, and shifts in approaches and perspectives of Bangladesh’s major development partners in relation to aid to Bangladesh. This section of the volume also examines the efficacy of aid in terms of poverty alleviation, and in this context, looks at the role of NGOs and the private sector.

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