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State of the Bangladesh Economy in 2004-05 and Outlook for 2005-06

Book Cover: State of the Bangladesh Economy in 2004-05 and Outlook for 2005-06
Editions:Paperback - First Edition
ISBN: ISBN 984-32-3331-X

CPD brought out the macroeconomic analysis component of its flagship research programme, Independent Review of Bangladesh’s Development (IRBD), as a separate volume beginning from that year, with the thematic part later published subsequently as a second IRBD volume.

The Macro Volume of IRBD 2005 presents the trends and dynamics of the macroeconomic variables in Bangladesh during FY2004-05. It includes an in-depth analysis of some key determinants of Bangladesh’s economy such as the growth, income and poverty, saving and investment, fiscal and monetary policies, resource allocations and their distributive implications, the dynamics of the real economy, and behaviour of the external sector.

An analysis of the national budget for FY2005-06 and an evaluation of the proposed fiscal measures and allocations are also presented in the book in the context of the development priorities of Bangladesh during that period.

In addition, two chapters of the book are devoted to the final assessment of damages resulting from the devastating floods of 2004, and the challenges confronting the garments sector, as well as the country, as a result of phasing-out of Multi-Fibre Arrangement (MFA). The book also contains two Annexes. The first Annex presents a discussion of CPD’s state of the economy report and budget reactions presented at the national dialogue held on 19 June 2005. The second one records the major macroeconomic events took place in FY2004-05.
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