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State of the Bangladesh Economy in FY2005-06 and Outlook for FY2006-07

Book Cover: State of the Bangladesh Economy in FY2005-06 and Outlook for FY2006-07
Editions:Hardcover - First Edition
ISBN: ISBN 984-300-000022-6

The IRBD programme in its twelfth year publishes IRBD 2006, the thirteenth volume prepared in a row under this programme. This macroeconomic exercise analyses the behaviour of FY2005-06, and makes some projections about the economic outlook for FY2006-07.

Chapter I of this volume presents an assessment of the state of the Bangladesh economy in FY2005-06 by concentrating on five major areas which include: growth-savings-investment, public finance and financial sector, monetary sector, real economy, and external balance. The chapter also raises a number of conceptual issues concerning appropriate standards to assess the performance of FY2005-06 in view of operationalisation of the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) by the Government of Bangladesh beginning from FY2005-06.

Chapter II provides an analysis of the national budget for FY2006-07 which was placed in the parliament on 8 June 2006. The chapter examines the proposed budgetary targets in the backdrop of Bangladesh’s economic performance, during this period.

Chapter III titled Economic Programme: CPD’s Recommendations for the Caretaker Government provides a set of recommendations for the non-party Caretaker Government as it embarked in October 2006, upon the difficult task of managing the economy during the interregnum between two elected governments.

Fourth contribution of the volume constitutes a chronology of major macroeconomic events of FY2005-06 and those of the first half of FY2006-07. The chronology, reported as the Annex, captures important events and policy decisions which influenced the Bangladesh economy during this period.

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