/State of the Bangladesh Economy in FY2007-08 and Outlook for FY2008-09

State of the Bangladesh Economy in FY2007-08 and Outlook for FY2008-09

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Book Cover: State of the Bangladesh Economy in FY2007-08 and Outlook for FY2008-09
ISBN: ISBN 984-300-003151-0

This volume carries forward the tradition of CPD’s effort to come up with an independent civil society perspective on major macroeconomic developments in Bangladesh on a regular basis. Various sections of this volume were prepared in consultation with relevant stakeholder groups; findings were presented and discussions held at the CPD dialogues with participation of key stakeholders. In line with the earlier exercises, this IRBD volume examines and analyses key macroeconomic performance indicators of Bangladesh in the immediate past fiscal year, i.e. FY2007-08. The volume provides an analysis of both the success and failures of economic governance in FY2007-08, and identified major challenges to be addressed over the FY2008-09.

Chapter I of the volume is a stocktaking of the merits and minuses of the progress made in six major areas of macroeconomic management in FY2007-08: growth-savings-investment, public finance and financial sector, monetary sector, real economy, external balance and social sector. Analysis of the national budget for FY2008-09 and the revised budget of FY2007-08 is presented in Chapter II. Chapter III underscores a set of proposals which CPD prepared for the Ministry of Finance, Government of Bangladesh, in view of the then upcoming national budget for FY2008-09. With a view to assessing the performance of the economy during the first half of FY2008-09, the CPD produced an Interim IRBD report which is presented in the Chapter IV of this volume. This IRBD volume is accompanied by two annexes. The first annex presents the proceedings of the dialogue on budget responses for FY2008-09, and the other annex is a compilation of major economic events taken place during the mentioned period.

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