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CPD Special Lecture on National Budget FY2016-17 for Students of ULAB


A special lecture session was organised to brief the teachers and students of the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) about the macroeconomic context and various aspects of the national budget for FY2016-17. Status of the state of the Bangladesh economy in recent years and a brief analysis of the …

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YSSS Session on Bangladesh’s Wage Fixing Mechanism and Prioritisation of SDGs’ held

As part of the CPD capacity building initiatives, this month’s sessions of Young Scholars’ Seminar Series (YSSS) was held on 18 February 2016 where two Research Associates of CPD presented their ongoing researches. Mr Mahtab Uddin Ahmed presented his study titled “Wage Fixing Institution and Their Impacts on Bangladesh” and …

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SDGs require accountability mechanism, multi-stakeholder engagement and bridging data gap

Success of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of the post-2015 development agenda will critically hinge on multi-stakeholder partnership, political will and data availability at the national-level. Lessons learnt from the delivery of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) reflect that unavailability of data at the local level was a …

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Workplace environment, access to finance critical for women’s paid work

The Labour Force Survey (LFS) should include women’s paid and unpaid economic contribution and workplaces should be made women-friendly to enable women’s engagement in paid work. Female labour force participation has been increasing gradually in Bangladesh, however access to finance seems crucially important for women’s involvement in paid work.   …

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CPD special lecture on the National Budget FY2016 for students

  CPD briefed students of East West University (EWU) regarding the macroeconomic context of the budget for FY2015-16, its proposed macroeconomic outlook and the budget making process as part of the special lecture series for university students. On behalf of CPD, Research Fellow Mr Towfiqul Islam Khan delivered the lecture …

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Full Implementation of ‘Right to Work’ in RMG Sector urged: CPD YSSS

A work-in-progress research by Ms Tulsi Byrne, Visiting Associate, CPD, stressed the need for progressive realisation approach and the violations approach for continual improvement in implementation of right to work in ready made garments (RMG). The research, undertaken as part of the YSSS Programme of CPD, questioned the effectiveness of …

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Journalists to accentuate reporting on MDGs, Post-2015 development agenda

The role of journalists is very important in raising concerns and awareness on Bangladesh’s status and progress as regards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Post-2015 International Development Agenda that follows the MDGs, observed eminent economist Professor Rehman Sobhan. Professor Sobhan was addressing a session on “Post-MDGs: Concepts, Processes …

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RMG factory closure: Wage policy, compliance measure somewhat responsible besides other factors


Findings of a CPD field study showed inconsistency with the Bangladesh Garment Manufactures and Exporters Association’s (BGMEA) claim that 176 RMG factories were shut down due to recent reforms in the sector. Government’s minimum wage policy and other compliance-related issues such as inspections by Accord, Alliance and BUET were only …

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CPD Young Scholars’ Seminar Series (YSSS): Independent Commission for better local governance

Despite residents’ increasing demand for urban services from the urban local government institutions (ULGIs), the ULGIs fail to deliver quality services due to bad governance, poor revenue collection and various organisational incapacities. Establishing an independent finance commission for the ULGIs would help in dealing with the prevailing inefficiency and enable …

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