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Upcoming WTO MC11: Secure Bangladesh’s interests through adequate preparation and active engagement

There is a need for more informed understanding about Bangladesh’s key interests in the context of the upcoming WTO Ministerial Conference (WTO MC11). Bangladesh should undertake adequate preparation and be actively involved in terms of both agenda building and negotiations in the context of MC11. Bangladesh should focus on strategic …

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Journalists to accentuate reporting on MDGs, Post-2015 development agenda

The role of journalists is very important in raising concerns and awareness on Bangladesh’s status and progress as regards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Post-2015 International Development Agenda that follows the MDGs, observed eminent economist Professor Rehman Sobhan. Professor Sobhan was addressing a session on “Post-MDGs: Concepts, Processes …

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Research communication via digital channels for wider dissemination

Combining research communication with digital channels is crucial in giving visibility to think tank research, suggests Enrique Mendizabal, an independent researcher and advisor on think tanks and policy research networks. Think tanks also need to monitor their inputs and outputs and incorporate communication skills in the researchers’ jobs to be …

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Training Workshop on CGE Modelling for CPD Researchers

A ten day long training workshop on Input-Output Analysis, Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) and Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) Modelling: Understanding and Application was organised by CPD under the CPD-CMI research collaboration programme. The event took place on 5-15 April 2011 at CPD where 15 CPD researchers participated. The training was …

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