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Development Governance, Policies and Institutions

Monitoring the Implementation of Bangladesh’s Development Policies: Civil Society’s Review Reports 2003

The Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) decided in 2003 to reconvene the Citizen’s Task Forces (2001) which were set up with a view to provide inputs to the pre-election debates and to articulate a set of policy recommendations for the newly elected government. The Policy Review initiative was launched at …

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Privatisation in Bangladesh: An Agenda in Search of a Policy

The book is a compendium of nine papers which assess the privatisation experience of Bangladesh from a number of important dimensions. The papers present an in-depth investigation into the limitations of Bangladesh’s privatisation policy. The papers focus on management capacity and governance crisis in the state-owned enterprises (SoEs), policy guidelines …

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Bangladesh Development Debates: Perspectives from Policy Dialogues (Volume One)

The present volume focuses on three broad themes. Part I of the volume, on Macroeconomic Management and Policy Reforms, deals with the evaluation of the development process in Bangladesh and the strategic options before the policymakers.  This Part mainly focuses on dialogues which deal with macroeconomic performance, development strategies and …

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