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Poverty, Inequality and Social Justice

Estimating Women’s Contribution to the Economy: The Case of Bangladesh

A large part of economic activities undertaken by women in Bangladesh including household chores, care and agriculture work remain unaccounted for. This is due to limitations of conventional measures such as gross domestic product (GDP) that primarily considers goods and services produced for markets. As a result, wrong signals are …

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CPD-SACEPS Monograph Series 5 – Redesigning Budgetary Policy to Reach Public Resources to the Poor

The fifth monograph of the CPD-SACEPS series captures the multidimensionality of poverty in Bangladesh, and extracts broad canvas of budget in the context of eradicating poverty through economic and political empowerment of the poor. It reveals that due to its complex bureaucratic procedures, there is not much scope of the …

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CPD-SACEPS Monograph Series 4 – Structural Dimensions of Poverty in Nepal

This monograph is based on a study conducted in Nepal. The study focuses on structural dimensions of poverty in the country, evaluates various policies that have been undertaken to mitigate the poverty situation in Nepal, and comes up with an actionable agenda to address the attendant challenges. The study identifies …

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CPD-SACEPS Monograph Series 3 – Economic and Political Empowerment of the Poor – Sri Lanka

This monograph contains three studies carried out by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) in Sri Lanka, with an objective to contribute to the understanding of the dynamics of poverty in the region. The monograph focuses on three specific structural injustices affecting and fostering Sri Lankan poverty situation – unequal …

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CPD-SACEPS Monograph Series 2 – Poverty Reduction Strategies in South Asia: A Comparative Study

The second monograph reviews the poverty reduction strategies of five countries of South Asia: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It examines the persistence of poverty in these countries, and concludes that the source of poverty lies with the incapacity of the policymakers to address the structural sources of …

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CPD-SACEPS Monograph Series 1 – Poverty Reduction Strategies of the International Development Community: The Scope for Structural Change

This monograph is the first in the series of publications coming out of CPD-SACEPS joint research project on Eradication of Poverty in South Asia Through the Empowerment of the Poor. The monograph seeks to examine the evolving perspective on poverty reduction by reviewing the policy agendas of five major multilateral …

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