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Towards Regional Integration in South Asia: Promoting Trade Facilitation and Connectivity

This compendium focuses on some of the most pressing issues that are critically important to advancing the cause of South Asian economic integration. Whilst in recent years SAARC policymakers have taken important decisions to enhance market access, promote trade facilitation [...]

Protecting Bangladesh’s Geographical Indication Interests: The Case of Jamdani

CPD-NCCB Publication on Protecting Bangladesh’s Geographical Indication Interests The Case of Jamdani This publication emerged from a collaborative initiative of the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) and the National Crafts Council of Bangladesh (NCCB). The study taken under the initiative deals [...]

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CPD Research Monograph 5 – Bangladesh Apparels Export to the Japanese Market: Opportunities and Challenges

In recent times, Bangladesh’s export of apparels to the Japanese market has started to evince some encouraging changes. Japanese buyers have started to outsource standard, low-end knitwear and woven wear products in an increasing manner. This change in buyers’ sourcing [...]

CPD Research Monograph 3 – Aid for Trade: Needs Assessment from Bangladesh Perspective

This monograph addresses the “needs” dimension of the Aid for Trade (AfT) agenda from Bangladesh country perspective. The study was designed as a preparatory step towards seeking support under the AfT initiative. In order to carry out the Needs Assessment, [...]

CPD Research Monograph 1 – Fish Trade Liberalisation in Bangladesh: Implications of SPS Measures and Eco-Labelling for the Export-Oriented Shrimp Sector

Shrimp is the second largest export item from Bangladesh after readymade garments. It is a major source of employment and income for a large number of people who depend on fishing for their livelihoods. With the increasing share of shrimp [...]