Trade Facilitation towards Export Promotion in the Indian Market: CPD Research Monograph

CPD Research Monograph 8: Trade Facilitation towards Export Promotion in the Indian Market: Addressing the Emerging Gaps Contributors: Mustafizur Rahman and Khaleda Akhter The opportunities and potential benefits that could emerge from deepening bilateral trade and investment and economy-wide cooperation between [...]

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CPD Research Monograph 7 – Trade Facilitation in Bangladesh through Simplification of Business Processes and Procedures

Cross-border trade and transactions require a number of steps and procedures that need to be completed. The related exercise engages several actors and requires a number of documents at various stages of the supply chain. Country-level and regional experiences indicate [...]

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CPD-SACEPS Monograph Series 5 – Redesigning Budgetary Policy to Reach Public Resources to the Poor

The fifth monograph of the CPD-SACEPS series captures the multidimensionality of poverty in Bangladesh, and extracts broad canvas of budget in the context of eradicating poverty through economic and political empowerment of the poor. It reveals that due to its [...]

CPD Research Monograph 5 – Bangladesh Apparels Export to the Japanese Market: Opportunities and Challenges

In recent times, Bangladesh’s export of apparels to the Japanese market has started to evince some encouraging changes. Japanese buyers have started to outsource standard, low-end knitwear and woven wear products in an increasing manner. This change in buyers’ sourcing [...]

CPD Research Monograph 4 – Global Financial Crisis and Bangladesh Economy: Implications for Employment and Labour Market

This monograph originates from a collaborative work undertaken by the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) and the International Labour Organization (ILO), Dhaka with a view to examining the impact of the global economic crisis on the labour market of Bangladesh. [...]

CPD Research Monograph 3 – Aid for Trade: Needs Assessment from Bangladesh Perspective

This monograph addresses the “needs” dimension of the Aid for Trade (AfT) agenda from Bangladesh country perspective. The study was designed as a preparatory step towards seeking support under the AfT initiative. In order to carry out the Needs Assessment, [...]

CPD Research Monograph 2 – Gender and Trade Liberalisation in Bangladesh: The Case of the Readymade Garments

The research monograph presents the findings of the CPD research project on Gender and Trade Liberalisation in Bangladesh: The Case of the Readymade Garments. The study, based on a field level survey, explores the gender-differentiated effect of trade liberalisation on [...]

CPD-SACEPS Monograph Series 2 – Poverty Reduction Strategies in South Asia: A Comparative Study

The second monograph reviews the poverty reduction strategies of five countries of South Asia: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It examines the persistence of poverty in these countries, and concludes that the source of poverty lies with the [...]

CPD-SACEPS Monograph Series 1 – Poverty Reduction Strategies of the International Development Community: The Scope for Structural Change

This monograph is the first in the series of publications coming out of CPD-SACEPS joint research project on Eradication of Poverty in South Asia Through the Empowerment of the Poor. The monograph seeks to examine the evolving perspective on poverty [...]

CPD Research Monograph 1 – Fish Trade Liberalisation in Bangladesh: Implications of SPS Measures and Eco-Labelling for the Export-Oriented Shrimp Sector

Shrimp is the second largest export item from Bangladesh after readymade garments. It is a major source of employment and income for a large number of people who depend on fishing for their livelihoods. With the increasing share of shrimp [...]