CPD-SACEPS Monograph Series 5 – Redesigning Budgetary Policy to Reach Public Resources to the Poor

The fifth monograph of the CPD-SACEPS series captures the multidimensionality of poverty in Bangladesh, and extracts broad canvas of budget in the context of eradicating poverty through economic and political empowerment of the poor. It reveals that due to its [...]

Paper 90 – Bangladesh’s Export Opportunities in the Indian Market: Addressing Barriers and Strategies for Future

Contributors: Mustafizur Rahman, Towfiqul Islam Khan, Ashiqun Nabi and Tapas Kumar Paul Publication Period: July 2010 The paper examines the renewed opportunity for Bangladesh to expand her export market in India, and recommends a number of initiatives that could be [...]

CPD Research Monograph 5 – Bangladesh Apparels Export to the Japanese Market: Opportunities and Challenges

In recent times, Bangladesh’s export of apparels to the Japanese market has started to evince some encouraging changes. Japanese buyers have started to outsource standard, low-end knitwear and woven wear products in an increasing manner. This change in buyers’ sourcing [...]

Paper 89 – Bangladesh and Regional Connectivity: Best Practices from Global Experiences

Contributors: Hasanuzzaman and Zeeshaan Rahman Publication Period: April 2010 This report has been prepared under the CPD-TRRPD programme. The paper argues that effective integration of the transport system in South Asia could contribute greatly by mainstreaming remote areas, thereby channeling [...]

Paper 88 – Policy Agenda for Addressing Climate Change in Bangladesh: Copenhagen and Beyond

Contributors: Fahmida Khatun and A K M Nazrul Islam Publication Period: March 2010 This paper was prepared as the background paper for the dialogue on United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 in Copenhagen: Issues and Concerns for Bangladesh, organised by [...]