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CPD-CMI Working Paper Series

CPD-CMI Working Paper 9 – The Unheard Voices: A Citizen Perception Study on Governance and Service Delivery by Urban Local Government Institutions in Bangladesh


CPD-CMI Working Paper Series Contributors: Debapriya Bhattacharya, Mobasser Monem, Hasan Muhammad Baniamin and Umme Shefa Rezbana Publication Period: December 2014 Urban local government institutions, comprising of city corporations and municipalities, in Bangladesh are by law expected to provide basic urban services to citizens. More often than not, these institutions fail …

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CPD-CMI Paper 8: Political Parties in Bangladesh

CPD-CMI Working Paper 8

CPD-CMI Working Paper Series Contributors: Rounaq Jahan Publication Period: August 2014 This study provides an overview of the evolution of political parties since the birth of Bangladesh. It analyses and compares the ideology, organisational structure, leadership and support base of four major electoral political parties, Bangladesh Awami League, Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), …

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CPD-CMI Paper 7: FDI in the Energy and Power Sector and Economic Growth in Bangladesh


CPD-CMI Working Paper Series Contributors: Fahmida Khatun and Mazbahul Golam Ahamad Publication Period: November 2013 This study presents a discussion on the current energy and power situation of Bangladesh, and examines the causal relationship between FDI in the energy and power sector and economic growth of the country. Causality analysis …

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CPD-CMI Paper 6: Finance for Local Government in Bangladesh: An Elusive Agenda

CPD-CMI Working Paper Series Contributors: Debapriya Bhattacharya, Mobasser Monem and Umme Shefa Rezbana Publication Period: November 2013 This study, in the context of Bangladesh, explores the nature and extent of devolution of fiscal and financial powers to the city corporations/municipalities – the urban local government institutions. The study contends that …

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CPD-CMI Paper 5: Does Democracy Impact Economic Growth? Exploring the Case of Bangladesh – A Cointegrated VAR Approach

CPD-CMI Working Paper Series Contributors: Debapriya Bhattacharya, Shouro Dasgupta and Dwitiya Jawher Neethi Publication Period: September 2013 The key socioeconomic indicators of Bangladesh have apparently experienced improvement since the advent of a new phase of democracy in 1991. This paper examines the impact of democracy on economic growth in Bangladesh …

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Paper 3 – Agricultural Trade between Bangladesh and India: An Analysis of Trends, Trading Patterns and Determinants

Contributors: Mustafizur Rahman, Mazbahul Golam Ahamad, A K M Nazrul Islam and Muhammad Al Amin Publication Period: September 2012 The paper analyses the indices of trends and patterns of India-Bangladesh bilateral agriculture trade, and estimates the short and long-run elasticities of the determinants of this trade by using descriptive statistics …

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Paper 1 – Traditional Market Institutions and Complex Exchange: Exploring Transition and Change in the Bangladesh Rice Market

Contributor: K A S Murshid Publication Period: September 2011 This paper explores the unaddressed question of how the large, complex paddy-rice market in Bangladesh is able to solve the problem of complex exchange, faced by the dominant rice millers and brokers (aratdars) who face the most complex risks. It explores …

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