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CPD Working Paper Series

CPD Working Paper 112 – Advancing the Interests of Bangladesh’s Migrant Workers: Issues of Financial Inclusion and Social Protection

Advancing the Interests of Bangladesh’s Migrant Workers feat

CPD Working Paper Series Contributors: Mustafizur Rahman, Md. Zafar Sadique, Estiaque Bari and Ummah Salma Publication Period: April 2016 Migration, and the consequent remittance flows, have wide-ranging implications for Bangladesh, particularly in terms of employment generation, foreign exchange reserves and balance of payments, household expenditure, savings and investment, and in general, for the overall development …

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CPD Working Paper 111 – Bali Ministerial of the WTO and the Way Forward Safeguarding LDC Interests


CPD Working Paper Series Contributors: Mustafizur Rahman, Hosna Jahan Publication Period: September 2015 The paper critically examines the outcomes of the Bali Ministerial of the WTO, held in December 2013, from the lens of issues of interest and concern to the least developed countries (LDCs). In this backdrop, the paper undertakes an …

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CPD Working Paper 110 – Trade and Transport Facilitation in Bangladesh: An Audit of the State of Play


CPD Working Paper Series Contributors: Mustafizur Rahman, Khaleda Akhter and Naimul Gani Saif Publication Period: April 2015 This working paper embodies the results of trade and transport facilitation audit which was carried out in the Bangladesh context, as part of a South Asian regional study.The study documents the major developments …

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CPD Working Paper 109 – Recent Developments in Myanmar and New Opportunities for Sub-Regional Cooperation: A Bangladesh Perspective


CPD Working Paper Series Contributors: Debapriya Bhattacharya and Mashfique Ibne Akbar Publication Period: September 2014 The paper analyses the potential opportunities between Bangladesh and Myanmar stemming from sub-regional cooperation. With the election of a new quasi-civilian government in 2011, doors have opened for the international community to make the most …

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CPD Working Paper 108 – Recent Developments in Myanmar: Opportunities for Sub-Regional Energy Cooperation


CPD Working Paper Series Contributor: Deepti Mahajan Mittal Publication Period: September 2014 Download the Paper In the context of the political and economic changes that have marked Myanmar since 2010, this paper assesses the opportunities for sub-regional energy cooperation between four countries: Bangladesh, China, India and Myanmar, with Myanmar as …

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CPD Working Paper 107 – Bilateral Free Trade Agreements (FTAs): Opportunities and Challenges for Bangladesh – Framework Issues


CPD Working Paper Series Contributors: Khondaker Golam Moazzem, Mehruna Islam Chowdhury and Saifa Raz Publication Period: June 2014 In the backdrop of rise in Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) in developing countries, particularly after the global financial and economic crisis, Bangladesh is still ambivalent in setting its strategies regarding it. The present study tries to explore …

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Paper 106 – Minimum Wage in the RMG Sector of Bangladesh: Definition, Determination Method and Levels


CPD Working Paper Series Contributors: Khondaker Golam Moazzem and Saifa Raz Publication Period: February 2014 Minimum wage in the RMG sector of Bangladesh is a debated issue, mainly due to lack of operational definition and method for calculation. This study is undertaken to  come up with a definition and method for calculation of the …

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Paper 105 – Revisiting the PRSP Experience in Bangladesh: Perspectives on Representation, Accountability and Inclusiveness

Contributors: Fahmida Khatun, Debapriya Bhattacharya and Mustafizur Rahman Publication Period: October 2013 Given its political history and economic performance, Bangladesh emerges as an interesting case to study the nature of representation, extent of inclusiveness and degree of accountability of various actors in the process of designing and implementation of national …

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Paper 104 – Least Developed Countries (LDCs) in the Global Value Chain (GVC): Trends, Determinants and Challenges

Contributors: Debapriya Bhattacharya and Khondaker Golam Moazzem Publication Period: August 2013 The paper, based on a review of available literature and empirical evidence, has pointed out that the opportunities for the least developed countries (LDCs) to participate in the global values chains (GVCs) are expanding discernibly. However, the analyses show …

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Paper 103 – China and the Least Developed Countries: An Enquiry into the Trade Relationship during the Post-WTO Accession Period

Contributor: Debapriya Bhattacharya and Farzana Misha Publication Period: August 2013 In the post-WTO accession decade, China’s trade relationship with the least developed countries (LDCs) has undergone significant transformation. In this context, the present paper seeks to analyse trends, nature and determinants of the evolving trade relationship between China and the …

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Paper 102 – Innovation and Additionality for Development Finance: Looking at Asia

Contributor: Rehman Sobhan Publication Period: July 2013 The issue of introducing innovation in financing came into discussion at Monterrey in response to the recurring failure of most developed countries to live up to their commitment to enhance flows of official development assistance (ODA) to the developing countries in order to …

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Paper 101 – Analytical Review of Bangladesh’s Macroeconomic Performance in FY2012-13 (First Reading)

Publication Period: April 2013 The present interim review of macroeconomic performance of Bangladesh focuses on the developments during the first few months of FY2012-13, and reviews the movements of major macroeconomic indicators in view of the targets set for the fiscal by various policy documents. The paper also contains two …

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Paper 100 – Technological Upgradation in the Jute Mills of Bangladesh: Challenges and Way Out

Contributors: Khondaker Golam Moazzem, Kishore Kumer Basak and Md. Tariqur Rahman Publication Period: November 2012 In view of the recent rise of global demand for jute goods and consequent revitalisation of jute manufacturing sector in Bangladesh, the paper has examined the market potentials of jute goods at local and international …

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Paper 99 – Framework for the Proposed Comprehensive Trade Policy for Bangladesh

Contributors: Khondaker Golam Moazzem, Nazneen Ahmed, Syed Nasim Manzur and Mehruna Islam Chowdhury Publication Period: October 2012 The paper has been prepared for the Ministry of Commerce of the Government of Bangladesh to formulate the Trade Policy Framework which will serve as the benchmark document for the Comprehensive Trade Policy …

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Paper 98 – Analytical Review of Bangladesh’s Macroeconomic Performance in FY2011-12 (Second Reading)

Publication Period: March 2012 This paper takes stock of the performance of the national economy in certain key areas covering the first six months of FY2011-12 (July-December 2011). The review sets the stage by analysing the most recent trends in the global and regional economies and tries to interpret their …

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