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Human Development and Social Protection

Paper 75 – Macroeconomic Implications of Social Safety Nets in the Context of Bangladesh

Contributors: Md Ashiq Iqbal, Towfiqul Islam Khan and Tazeen Tahsina Publication Period: November 2008 The major objective of this paper is to look into the overall impact of the existing safety net programmes on poverty reduction in Bangladesh, in terms of the persisting inequality. It also discusses a number of …

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Paper 26 – Deceleration in the Export Sector of Bangladesh and Women Workers: Assessing Impacts and Identifying Coping Strategies

Contributor: Kaniz Siddique Publication Period: July 2003 Based on extensive sample survey, the paper provides insights into the impact of the deceleration experienced by Bangladesh’s RMG sector during 2001. The study attempts to capture the impact on the livelihood concerns of female workers particularly in terms of family-poverty, women’s employment …

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