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Paper 105 – Revisiting the PRSP Experience in Bangladesh: Perspectives on Representation, Accountability and Inclusiveness

Contributors: Fahmida Khatun, Debapriya Bhattacharya and Mustafizur Rahman Publication Period: October 2013 Given its political history and economic performance, Bangladesh emerges as an interesting case to study the nature of representation, extent of inclusiveness and degree of accountability of various [...]

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Paper 72 – Public Expenditure, Employment and Poverty in Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis

Contributor: Gazi Mainul Hassan Publication Period: November 2008 This paper aims to establish a link between public expenditure, employment and poverty reduction. It empirically tests the propositions for data available in Bangladesh. After reviewing relevant literature, this paper develops an [...]

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Paper 4 – Poverty Reduction in Bangladesh: Absence of a National Framework, An Abundance of Donors’ Strategies

Contributors: Debapriya Bhattacharya and Rashed Titumir Publication Period: June 2000 The paper highlights the problem that Bangladesh has never had a homegrown holistic dynamic strategic framework to combat poverty nor has a clearly articulated operational approach been developed to address [...]

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