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Poverty, Inequality and Social Justice

Paper 105 – Revisiting the PRSP Experience in Bangladesh: Perspectives on Representation, Accountability and Inclusiveness

Contributors: Fahmida Khatun, Debapriya Bhattacharya and Mustafizur Rahman Publication Period: October 2013 Given its political history and economic performance, Bangladesh emerges as an interesting case to study the nature of representation, extent of inclusiveness and degree of accountability of various actors in the process of designing and implementation of national …

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Paper 74 – Poverty-Environment Nexus: An Investigation of Linkage and Policy Implications

Contributors: Manzoor Elahi Chowdhury and Sarwar Uddin Ahmed Publication Period: November 2008 This paper is based on a study attempted to understand the relationship between poverty and environment which was conducted in the Tangail district in Bangladesh. The findings are based on site visits, interviews, and a small questionnaire survey. …

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Paper 72 – Public Expenditure, Employment and Poverty in Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis

Contributor: Gazi Mainul Hassan Publication Period: November 2008 This paper aims to establish a link between public expenditure, employment and poverty reduction. It empirically tests the propositions for data available in Bangladesh. After reviewing relevant literature, this paper develops an analytical framework and applies it to analyse the impact of …

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Paper 71 – Addressing Regional Inequality Issues in Bangladesh Public Expenditure

Contributors: Chowdhury Shameem Mahmoud, Syed Naimul Wadood and Kazi Sabbir Ahmed Publication Period: November 2008 This paper examines the declared public investments made under the ADP and seeks to answer whether the public expenditure in Bangladesh successfully addresses the regional income inequality problem, and the nature of political biasness of …

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Paper 4 – Poverty Reduction in Bangladesh: Absence of a National Framework, An Abundance of Donors’ Strategies

Contributors: Debapriya Bhattacharya and Rashed Titumir Publication Period: June 2000 The paper highlights the problem that Bangladesh has never had a homegrown holistic dynamic strategic framework to combat poverty nor has a clearly articulated operational approach been developed to address the issue. Rather, agendas for poverty alleviation had remained largely …

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