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Karin Fernando and Andrea Ordóñez visit Dhaka to discuss organisational and communication issues with Secretariat

Karin Fernando, Asia Region Coordinator and Andrea Ordóñez, the network’s Research and Partnership Coordinator, recently visited SV’s Secretariat in Dhaka to review organisational, communication and outreach activities, and plan upcoming activities of the network.

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First meeting of Communication Focal Persons of Partner orgnaisations held

A meeting for the Communication Focal Persons of the Partners of the Citizen’s Platform for SDGs, Bangladesh was organised to discuss how they can contribute to the  Platform website in order to strengthen the effectiveness of communication and outreach activities [...]

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CPD – RMG Study Prepared a Comprehensive Database of Export-oriented RMG Enterprises

CPD-RMG Study has gathered major databases related to export-oriented RMG enterprises from different public and private institutions and prepared a comprehensive database. This database is referred to as ‘Master Dataset’ which will provide the idea of ‘population universe’ of the [...]

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Democratic deficiency may compel changes in the World Economic Order

What is wrong with the World Economic Order? Among many issues discussants voiced on special and differential treatment of few countries for setting global economic agenda. Furthermore the current quota based decision-making power in the world economic order is suffering [...]

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All of us are responsible for Rana Plaza Tragedy: IDRC President

Tragedy like Rana Plaza does not happen in a vacuum and all of us are responsible for this. The government, RMG factory owners, workers- nobody played their due role to avoid such incident, said Dr Jean Lebel, President of International [...]

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In-house Discussion on Regional Connectivity

CPD organised an in-house discussion on Strengthening Regional Connectivity in the presence of Mr John Dister, Senior Advisor, US Secretary of State who was visiting CPD and expressed his interest to have a discussion on regional connectivity. Dr M Rahmatullah, [...]

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