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Need to formulate Comprehensive National Strategy through Participatory Process to Achieve SDGs


Bangladesh achieved remarkable success in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Following the trail of success it is high time now for the country to formulate a comprehensive national strategy towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This comprehensive national strategy should be formulated through a participatory process so that all stakeholders …

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Good governance and political will key to combat illicit money outflow


Ensuring good governance and necessary regulatory reforms necessary to combat the increasing illicit financial flows from Bangladesh. Establishing an independent institute with adequate regulatory capacity is critical to win this combat against siphoning out money from the country. These observations emerged at the CPD expert consultation titled Illicit Financial Flows …

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Boosting Investment Key to Achieve 7.2pc GDP in FY2017


To sustain the macroeconomic stability in Bangladesh the government should focus on raising the rate of investment in the economy. Stimulating the Special Economic Zones (SEZs) will attract both private and foreign investment which will contribute to the employment generation as well. To achieve the 7.2pc GDP growth the government …

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A special SME economic zone urged in Bogra: CPD pre-budget dialogue

Development of the SME Sector in Bogra (0)

Specialised economic zone is needed in Bogra for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Besides, appropriate infrastructure and communication development is must to support and encourage entrepreneurs in this sector. The government should focus on necessary budgetary allocations and fiscal-monetary incentives to support the growth of SMEs in Bogra. Special attention …

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Private, public and civil society partnership is critical for revival of Muslin

Revival of Muslin (8)

Required policies and institutional support from the government, investment of both public and private sectors in skill development training and baseline research together with knowledge and expertise of the civil society organizations and individuals is the key to reviving Muslin; extinct heritage of our bengal culture. Such recommendations emerged from …

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Policy interventions should enhance migrant workers’ financial inclusion, social protection

Extending the use of remittance sent by Bangladeshi migrant workers from mere consumption to more productive areas including investment and social protection would pave way towards their greater welfare and better contribution to Bangladesh’s economy. To this end, the government needs to implement the right policies and ensure coordination with …

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Apparels sector needs better margin to improve compliance for sustainability

Bangladeshi apparels industries should allocate additional margin for compliance in order to ensure labour welfare and thus increase sustainability of the sector. Strengthening government’s institutional mechanism and social audit system set up by buyers and retailers would be essential to inspect factory-level compliance and maintain international standards.   The observations …

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South Asian Connectivity hinges on BBIN Motor Vehicle Agreement (MVA)

  Comprehensive multimodal connectivity in South Asia critically hinges on implementation of the Bangladesh-Bhutan-India-Nepal (BBIN) Motor Vehicle Agreement (MVA). For deepening South Asian integration, the role of the MVAs will be key to establishing seamless multi-modal connectivity to facilitate movement of vehicles and goods, cars and passengers bilaterally, at sub-region …

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