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National Dialogues

Reforms should abate ‘last quarter syndrome’ of budget implementation


The government should put in place necessary economic and institutional reforms to come out of the culture of hasty public expenditure during the last quarter of a fiscal year. The reforms are also expected to improve the quality of ADP implementation that currently suffers from the ever-increasing number of projects …

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National subsidy policy in Bangladesh urged: CPD

By analysing the coherence of existing subsidy distribution policies, a comprehensive national subsidy policy should be formulated to ensure governance and financial transparency of subsidy distribution mechanism and propose viable and beneficial alternatives when applicable. The observation emerged from a dialogue on “Subsidy Management in Bangladesh: Efficiency and Equity Issues,” held in Lakeshore …

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Comprehensive SPS agreement could enhance Bangladesh-India trade

A comprehensive agreement between Bangladesh and India for agricultural exports could resolve the non-conforming sanitary and phytosanitary measures (SPS) that undermine trade potentials of the two countries. SPS measures such as laboratory testing, registration, certification and sanitary phytosanitary certificate start to act as non-tariff barriers (NTBs) when appropriate mechanisms and …

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VAT and SD Act 2012 questioned on grounds of equity, SME interests

The new Value Added Tax and Supplementary Duty Act 2012 must be informed by equity concerns, institutional capacity strengthening and its implementation should benefit the government and ensure tax justice for entrepreneurs and consumers. In addition to revenue generation for public expenditure, the new taxation reform agenda should safeguard the welfare of certain sectors …

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Infrastructure development, policy continuity and conducive politics crucial for Bangladesh’s Business

Policymakers in Bangladesh need to address infrastructural deficits, raise efficacy of public institutions and reduce corruption through good governance for the country to score better in the Global Competitiveness Index (GCI). With marginal improvement in the Global Competitiveness Report (GCR) 2014, Bangladesh remains rather motionless in terms of both business …

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Operationalise Geographical Indication Act, protect Jamdani legacy

The government should operationalise the draft Geographical Indication Act without any further delay to claim the authenticity of Jamdani as a Bangladeshi heritage product with Geographical Indication (GI). Lapses in the recently enacted Geographical Indicative Products (Registration and Protection) Act 2013 must also be identified so that Bangladesh could settle …

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FY15 Budget: Ambitions in abundance, fiscal framework not in tune

(from right) Dr Fahmida Khatun, Dr Akbar Ali Khan, Mr A H M Mustafa Kamal, MP; Professor Rehman Sobhan; Mr M A Mannan; Dr Salehuddin Ahmed and Professor Mustafizur Rahman.

The ambitions set in the proposed National Budget FY2014-15 need to be attuned to the realisation of the budgetary targets, observed discussants during a CPD dialogue on Analysis of the National Budget FY2014-15 held at Lakeshort Hotel on Saturday, 14 June 2014.   Eminent Economist Dr Akbar Ali Khan, Former …

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Sustainable democracy requires intra-party democratic practice

(right) Professor Imtiaz Ahmed, Professor Mustafizur Rahman, Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud, Professor Rehman Sobhan, Mr Tofail Ahmed, Barrister Moudud Ahmed, Dr Badiul Alam Majumder and Professor Rounaq Jahan.

Democratic practices and participatory culture must be revived within the political parties in order to achieve transparent and stable democratic governance in Bangladesh. Good political leadership and democratised state institutions are of paramount importance to do away with the culture of confrontational politics, corruption and other malfunctions prevailing since the restoration …

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Long-term needs of Rana Plaza victims unaddressed, CPD dialogue after one year since the tragedy identifies

Following one year since the Rana Plaza collapse, the victims are in need of long-term planning and support as regards compensation, treatment and alternative employment scheme. Despite notable progress with regard to some of the immediate concerns, a coordinated plan and approach to address short, medium and long-term issues concerning …

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Trade facilitation, supply-side capacity both critical to enhance Bangladesh’s export opportunities to India

Bangladesh will need to diversify its export basket in order to enhance export competitiveness and take full advantage of the duty-free market access (DFMA) offer of India to SAARC LDCs. Deepening bilateral relationship with India covering the spectrum of trade, investment, transport and people-to-people connectivity is also crucial for Bangladesh …

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Uneven Implementation of Post-Rana Plaza Promises: Rana Plaza follow-up dialogue told

Uneven Implementation of Post-Rana Plaza Promises Need for Transparency and Accountability, stressed speakers Discussants at a CPD dialogue on follow up of Rana Plaza Tragedy observed that the implementation status of post-Rana Plaza deliverables was rather mixed although progress has been made in some areas. Despite significant efforts towards the …

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Stop Violence, Postpone Election, Continue Discussion, said dialogue discussants

Eminent citizens and members from the civil society widely participated in the open-floor discussion.

In view of the emerging political situation, the overwhelming majority of discussants at a dialogue expressed reservations concerning the upcoming National Election slated for 5 January 2013 and urged to postpone the election. Discussants demanded immediate cessation of violence all across the country and called for designing a roadmap to …

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