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Press Briefings

Attaining 7 per cent Growth Target will be Challenging: Says CPD at its Budget Press Briefing

Government’s high growth target (7 per cent) will be challenging with lower export and import targets, falling remittance inflow and foreign exchange reserves, and lower broad money target, said CPD at its budget press briefing. Following its tradition, CPD organised this press briefing at the BRAC Centre Inn Auditorium, on …

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CPD Presents Proposals for the National Budget FY2011-12 to the Media

“In order to maintain both macroeconomic stability and recently generated moderately high growth momentum the upcoming budget must ensure raising allocative efficiency, enhancing implementation capacity and strengthening monitoring and outcome assessment.” These remarks were made by CPD while presenting A Set of Proposals for the National Budget FY2011-12 in a …

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LDCs Need to Undertake Adequate Preparation in view of the Upcoming UN LDC IV Conference: Said CPD in its Pre-dialogue Press Briefing

LDCs have to look for more options including searching for more markets for their products, more employment for workers, more investments to develop infrastructure and better access to technology from the upcoming Istanbul Conference, said Dr Debapriya Bhattacharya, Distinguished Fellow of CPD in a press briefing on 23 November 2010, …

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CPD Review Identifies Areas of Emerging Concern: State of the Economy in FY2009-10

“Most formidable challenges for the government now are to contain inflationary pressure and tackle the growing power deficit in the industrial sector.” Such observations were made in a review paper of the CPD prepared under its programme Independent Review of Bangladesh’s Development (IRBD). Titled State of the Bangladesh Economy in …

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