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Post-2015 Data Revolution: availability and accessibility key challenges for Bangladesh

[tabs style="1"] [tab title="Workshop"] Data producers at the country-level must ensure availability, reliability and accessibility while generating data at the country-level for the proposed Post-2015 goals, observed participants at a workshop on Post-2015 Data Test. The Inception Workshop was held [...]

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SMEs require supportive tax policies for inclusive growth in South Asia

Supportive fiscal policies along with simplification of procedural complexities concerning taxation will make Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) more tax-compliant in South Asian countries, revealed a study conducted by South Asian research think-tanks including Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD). Lack [...]

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Bangladesh in need of second generation policies and intervention for agricultural transformation

Bangladesh needs to prioritise agricultural marketing and labour productivity while agricultural productivity needs a raise as it is one of the best proven ways to hasten structural transformation. The observation emerged from a policy dialogues titled “Bangladesh’s Agriculture and Structural [...]

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Technological upgradation, human capital formation, skill development, required for country’s RMG prospects

Bangladesh’s textile and garment sectors are in need of human resource development, infrastructural upgradation, and significant policy impact in order to take a journey towards raising productivity for structural transformation of the country. The importance of manufacturing as a ladder [...]

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Stop Violence, Postpone Election, Continue Discussion, said dialogue discussants

In view of the emerging political situation, the overwhelming majority of discussants at a dialogue expressed reservations concerning the upcoming National Election slated for 5 January 2013 and urged to postpone the election. Discussants demanded immediate cessation of violence all [...]

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