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Mustafizur Rahman

Regional Integration in South Asia: Essays in Honour of Dr. M. Rahmatullah


There is a general consensus among policymakers, academicians and development practitioners that transport connectivity lies at the heart of deepening regional cooperation and integration in South Asia. It is being increasingly recognised now that development of production networks and value chains and promotion of trade and investment depend critically on …

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CPD authors in Connecting Asia: Infrastructure for Integrating South and Southeast Asia


The chapter “Bangladesh: Perspectives on Deepening Cross-border Links” by Professor Mustafizur Rahman, Executive Director; Dr Khondaker Golam Moazzem, Additional Research Director, Mehruna Islam Chowdhury, former Senior Research Associate and Farzana Sehrin, former Research Associate, is published in the Connecting Asia: Infrastructure for Integrating South and Southeast Asia by the Asian …

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Post-2015 Data Test: Bangladesh Country Report released


The Bangladesh Country Report prepared under the Post-2015 Data Test: Unpacking the Data Revolution at the Country Level has just been released. The study titled Measuring for Monitoring: the State of Data for SDGs in Bangladesh provides an insight into the state of data which will be required for measuring …

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NTBs: The Next Frontier to Overcome – Mustafizur Rahman

The opinion-piece originally appeared on the SARCist website in September 2015. NTBs: The Next Frontier to Overcome Professor Mustafizur Rahman Whilst the SAARC countries have been able to make notable progress in terms of bringing down tariff barriers in intra-regional trade, non-tariff barriers (NTBs) and related concerns continue to pose formidable challenges …

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Development to remain unattained without appropriate energy alternatives


In an interview with Energy and Power, Professor Mustafizur Rahman observed that the energy sector development has to necessarily involve a multi-pronged strategy, and national institutions such as BAPEX must be supported to develop the necessary capacities.   Development Ambitions to Remain Unattained in Absence of Appropriate Energy Alternatives’ Access …

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Second-Gen Cooperation Agenda: Integration of Asian Subregions


The journal article “Second-generation Cooperation Agenda: Opportunities and Challenges of Enhanced Integration among the Asian Subregions” authored by CPD Executive Director Professor Mustafizur Rahman and former Senior Research Associate Ms Hosna Jahan, was published in the South Asia Economic Journal, March 2015 16: 1-26, doi:10.1177/1391561415575125.   Abstract South Asia remains …

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Connecting South Asia and Southeast Asia: A Bangladesh Country Study

Authored by Mustafizur Rahman, Khondaker Golam Moazzem, Mehruna Islam Chowdhury, and Farzana Sehrin, originally published under Asian Development Bank Institute Working Paper Series as ADBI Working Paper 500, reposted from ADBI website, on 26 September 2014. Abstract Economic integration is being inhibited by the poor state of transport connectivity between Bangladesh, and South Asia and …

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Socially Just, Sustainable and Green Dynamic Growth for a Good Society

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) Economy of Tomorrow Series paper authored by Mustafizur Rahman, Towfiqul Islam Khan, Muhammad Al Amin. How to Produce Socially Just, Sustainable and Green Dynamic Growth for a Good Society: Case Study of Bangladesh Bangladesh has been able to raise its GDP growth rate by at least one percent …

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