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CPD-SACEPS Monograph Series 6 – Eradicating Rural Poverty in Bangladesh: Strategy for Empowerment

CPD-SACEPS-Monograph-Series 6 (2010)The two papers included in this monograph, on Land Reform and Peasant Movements in Bangladesh: A Study of Political Economy, and Strengthening the Capacity of the Poor to Compete in the Market Place are prepared as contributions to the work programme of the CPD and the SACEPS on Eradication of Poverty in South Asia Through the Empowerment of the Poor.

This monograph, inter alia, addresses the issues of lack of access to productive assets and inequitable participation of the market by the resource-poor. The paper on land reform in Bangladesh, examines the unjust and exploitative regime which governs the lives of the land-poor and resourceless peasantry of Bangladesh, and explores the scope for augmenting their asset base. The message emerging from the second study points to the need to enhance farm incomes through direct linkage of the primary producers to the value addition process. Both the studies viewed together point to the course of action by the Government of Bangladesh, as part of its agenda for both elimination of poverty, as well as social transformation (din bodol), to revisit agendas for agrarian reform more creatively so that farmers are not left with tiny bits of land which cannot sustain them.

Contributors: Bimal Kumar Saha and Nasreen Khundker
Publication Period: December 2010
ISBN 978-984-8946-02-2
Price: Tk. 280 USD 20

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