///Implementing Agenda 2030: Unpacking the Data Revolution at Country Level

Implementing Agenda 2030: Unpacking the Data Revolution at Country Level

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Implementing-Agenda-2030-Unpacking-the-Data-Revolution-at-Country-Level-cover-Implementing Agenda 2030: Unpacking the Data Revolution at Country Level is a unique report that examines data availability and quality for tracking progress against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The countries examined in this report, spanning four continents, are Bangladesh, Canada, Peru, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Turkey. The report examines data used to track progress in poverty, education, employment and inclusive growth, energy and infrastructure, environmental sustainability and disaster resilience, governance and global partnership.

This report also offers a methodology and ‘toolkit’ that can support policy-makers, development practitioners, academics and experts across the world, as they evaluate their national statistical situation and create country-level roadmaps for mainstreaming and monitoring SDGs.

The volume demonstrates the advantages of providing more space to “Southern voices” in leading and shaping the global development agenda, as well as showcasing the successful collaboration between think tanks from the South and the North.

[box title=”Info”] Authors: Shannon Kindornay, Debapriya Bhattacharya and Kate Higgins

Publisher: Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD)

Publication Period: June 2016

ISBN:   978-984-34-0855-6 (Print)

978-984-34-0856-3 (e-Book) [/box]


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