Bangladesh-Economy-in-FY2015-16-Third-Interim-Review-of-Macroeconomic-PerformanceBangladesh Economy in FY2015-16: Interim Review of Macroeconomic Performance

Containing two chapter this volume is prepared under CPD’s flagship programme Independent Review of Bangladesh’s Development (IRBD).

The first chapter “State of the Bangladesh Economy in FY2015-16 (Third Reading)” is the third interim analytical report on the performance of the Bangladesh economy in FY2015-16. Based on the latest available data and information this chapter presents a detailed snapshot of the state of the national economy and flags emerging challenges during FY2016. It also provides observations and focusing on the upcoming national budget for FY2016-17. It takes a close look into four major thematic areas- GDP growth and private investment; the fiscal and budgetary framework; financial sector performance; and external sector dynamics. Two important thematic issues of current relevance are also discussed in detail which are the recent crop sector dynamics and policy responses; and labour market dynamics and performance.

The second chapter “State of the Bangladesh Economy in FY2015-16 (Second Reading): CPD’s Recommendations for the Upcoming Budget” is the report on the second instalment of the state of the Bangladesh economy in FY2015-16. The primary objective of this report is to put forward a set of recommendations in the context of the national budget for FY2016-17.

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Publication Period: June 2016
ISBN 978-984-34-0857-0
Price: Tk. 370 USD 35
Hard copy of the book is available at CPD Office




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