Dynastic Politics and the Challenges of Democratization in Bangladesh


CPD Distinguished Fellow Professor Rounaq Jahan delivered a public lecture on “Dynastic Politics and the Challenges of Democratization in Bangladesh,” at The New School in New York on 16 October 2015 in New York, USA.

At the talk, co-sponsored by the India China Institute with the Development Thought and Policy Seminar Series at The New School, Professor Jahan presented her new book Political Parties in Bangladesh: Challenges of Democratization (Prothoma Prokashan, 2015) which covers theoretical explanations of political parties and political development, and with a detailed look at party systems under different regimes during key phases in Bangladesh’s history.

Her analysis focused on major traits of political parties, their organizational structure and leadership dynamics, who supports the parties and intra-party democratic practice, with special attention to local level politics. The important study made recommendations on how to address these issues and challenges.




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