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CPD has been implementing the programme on Macroeconomic Performance Analysis through its flagship programme, i.e. IRBD which originated from the idea of producing a home-grown perspective on Bangladesh’s economic performance, on an ongoing basis.

The core objectives of the IRBDs are to provide the stakeholders with perspectives on both strategic and policy issues and current developments. The idea is to provide a civil society report card on performance of key macroeconomic parameters that would be distinct from the exercises carried out by donors and the government.

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It was decided at the very beginning that the underlying vision, design and execution of the IRBD would remain, from beginning to end, a home-grown effort. CPD prepared the proposal for the IRBD programme and explored support from potential sources. The Like Minded Group (LMG) of countries comprising of Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden came forward to support the IRBD programme.

The first IRBD report was prepared in 1995. Since then, CPD has been continuing this flagship programme by way of preparing IRBD volumes every year. Studies conducted under the IRBD programme are of three distinct natures:

  • Macro Component provides an analysis of the state of the Bangladesh economy by tracing the performance of major macroeconomic indicators during a fiscal year. This part has several interim outputs: a six-monthly review in January, state of the economy prior to budget in May, CPD budget proposals, review of the budget immediately after budget is placed, and a comprehensive analysis of the economy during the past fiscal year in September.
  • Thematic Component deals with strategic issues of long-term importance by looking at the identified theme from various perspectives. Past themes have included governance, labour market, globalisation and regional cooperation in South Asia.
  • Special Issues focus on particular issues and developments that require immediate attention. Such volumes brought out in the past included flood cost estimation, analysis of the poverty reduction strategy paper (PRSP), etc.