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Development Governance, Policies and Institutions

Governance and policy reforms have been major areas of research as well as dialogue activities at the CPD. CPD views the related issues to be of critical importance from the perspective of strengthening democracy as well as equitable development in the context of Bangladesh. CPD has previously conducted a number of in-depth researches on such issues as macroeconomic policy reforms, quality of governance in various sectors, reforms of the tax administration, industrial policy reforms and electoral reforms. In this connection, CPD carried out extensive research on policy reforms related to development of agriculture and distribution of agricultural inputs, jute sector restructuring, addressing regional disparity and quality of macroeconomic governance in view of the ongoing global economic crisis. Indeed, CPD’s IRBD programme is designed in a manner that state of economic governance and major policy reforms are monitored and examined on an ongoing basis. As a mechanism of devising strategies to cushion the economy from possible after-shocks of the global financial crisis, CPD conducted a research on Inventory of Policy Responses to the Global Financial Crisis: Implications for Bangladesh. Carried out in association with the International Labour Organization (ILO), the study compiled information on various policy measures related to macroeconomics, export and domestic market-oriented issues of Bangladesh under four broad aspects of employment, social protection, international labour standards and social dialogue. The study was part of ILO global initiative to examine policy response in employment and social sectors in view of the global financial crisis and its impact on the labour market.