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LDC IV Monitor’s Contributions to IPoA Mid-Term Review

On the eve of the mid-term review of the Istanbul Programme of Action (IPoA), LDC IV Monitor has produced a new report titled, “Tracking Progress, Accelerating Transformation: Achieving the Istanbul Programme of Action by 2020”. The report is an outcome [...]

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Global Experts explore avenues and modalities to implement Trade Facilitation measures for regional integration of LDCs

The Southern Voice and LDC IV Monitor, in association with the Centre for Policy Dialogue(CPD), organised a session titled the Role of Trade Facilitation in the Context of Increasing Regional Integration of Least Developed Countries  as part of the Nairobi Trade and Development Symposium (TDS) on 17 December [...]

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Paper 85 – Current State of Doha Round Negotiations on Agriculture: Issues, Concerns and Strategies for Bangladesh

Contributors: Uttam Deb and Muhammad Al Amin Publication Period: December 2009 This report has been prepared under the CPD-TRRPD programme. The paper attempts to analyse the implications of various negotiating proposals put forward in the latest (6 December 2008) Revised [...]

CPD Research Monograph 3 – Aid for Trade: Needs Assessment from Bangladesh Perspective

This monograph addresses the “needs” dimension of the Aid for Trade (AfT) agenda from Bangladesh country perspective. The study was designed as a preparatory step towards seeking support under the AfT initiative. In order to carry out the Needs Assessment, [...]

Paper 76 – Accra Conference on Aid Effectiveness: Perspectives from Bangladesh

Contributor: Fahmida Khatun Publication Period: November 2008 This paper seeks to articulate the perspectives from Bangladesh as an aid-recipient country on the evolving international aid system, and more particularly on the Accra agenda. Based on secondary information from various sources, [...]

Paper 69 – United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) XII: Outcomes and Subsequent Priorities for Bangladesh and other LDCs

Contributors: Kazi Mahmudur Rahman and Hasanuzzaman Publication Period: July 2008 This paper focuses on the UNCTAD XII Conference that took place in Accra, Ghana during 20-25 April 2008. In view of the worldwide volatile price situation of essential commodities, alongside [...]

Paper 51 – NAMA Negotiations in the WTO and Preference Erosion: Concerns of Bangladesh and Other Regional LDCs

Contributors: Mustafizur Rahman and Wasel Bin Shadat Publication Period: September 2005 This paper attempts to make an estimate about the range of preferential erosion for Bangladesh given her current trade pattern and preferential treatment enjoyed by her exports. The paper [...]

Paper 49 – Road to Hong Kong Ministerial of the WTO: Anticipating the “First Approximations” from Bangladesh Perspective

Contributors: Debapriya Bhattacharya, Mustafizur Rahman, Uttam Kumar Deb, Fahmida Khatun and Ananya Raihan Publication Period: May 2005 The paper makes an analysis of the state of play of negotiations at the WTO under the Doha Round as of May 2005. [...]