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Karin Fernando and Andrea Ordóñez visit Dhaka to discuss organisational and communication issues with Secretariat

Karin Fernando, Asia Region Coordinator and Andrea Ordóñez, the network’s Research and Partnership Coordinator, recently visited SV’s Secretariat in Dhaka to review organisational, communication and outreach activities, and plan upcoming activities of the network.

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Global Experts explore avenues and modalities to implement Trade Facilitation measures for regional integration of LDCs

The Southern Voice and LDC IV Monitor, in association with the Centre for Policy Dialogue(CPD), organised a session titled the Role of Trade Facilitation in the Context of Increasing Regional Integration of Least Developed Countries  as part of the Nairobi Trade and Development Symposium (TDS) on 17 December [...]

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Press reports: CPD dialogue on National Level Implementation Challenges of 2013 Agenda

The dialogue, organised by CPD with Southern Voice and FES, was held at Brac Centre Inn, Dhaka on Saturday, 31 October 2015. View more news reports on the event   Published in The Financial Express Experts make a long listof [...]

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