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YSSS Session on Labour Market and Economic Implications of Brexit for Bangladesh

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A session under CPD’s Young Scholars’ Seminar Series (YSSS) for this month was held on 1 August 2016 where Ms Shahida Pervin and Ms Sherajum Monira Farin, Research Associates of CPD, presented their topics of research.


Shahida Pervin

Ms Pervin’s presentation titled Labour Market: Concepts, Issues and Evidences focused particularly on the developing countries. She described the conceptual framework of policies and institutions of the labour market. The presentation also shed light on issues related to earnings, inequality and segmentation in the labour markets of developing countries. The purpose of the presentation was to gather suggestions for possible, useful research ideas related to the labour market.

Sherajum Monira Farin

Sherajum Monira Farin

Ms Monira’s proposed research topic was titled The Economic Implications of “Brexit” on Bangladesh Economy. She highlighted that there could be long-term implications for Bangladesh in the areas of trade, foreign direct investment, remittance, foreign aid and migration. However, she contended that it may not be possible to identify the challenges until the UK officially begins the withdrawal process from the EU and negotiations start taking place.

Regarding Ms Pervin’s presentation, participants suggested possible labour market-related research topics which include (i) exploring Bangladesh’s labour market in the framework of SDGs, and (ii) effects of the recent security situation on Bangladesh’s labour market. With respect to implications of Brexit for Bangladesh’s economy, attendees viewed the study as pertinent and much-needed to prepare policymakers for future bilateral negotiations.

Senior and other researchers of CPD were present at the session.

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