Bangladesh Economy in FY2016-17

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Every year CPD publishes its interim review reports on Bangladesh’s macroeconomic performance analysis under one volume and, brings it out during the budget analysis dialogue of the succeeding fiscal year. The latest such title Bangladesh Economy in FY2016-17: Interim Review of Macroeconomic Performance is available now. This volume, prepared under the Independent Review of Bangladesh’s Development (IRBD) programme, contains two chapters.

The first chapter “State of the Bangladesh Economy in FY2016-17 (Third Reading)” is prepared as the third interim report of the State of the Bangladesh Economy in FY2016-17. The objective of this chapter is to track trends of major macroeconomic correlates and present an assessment of the performance of key sectors of the Bangladesh economy during FY2016-17 in the run-up to the national budget for FY2017-18. This report has picked up three major issues of the economy from the perspective of investment and employment generation. These broad areas are: (i) growth and structural transformation; (ii) external sector with focus on exports and remittances; and (iii) sources of finance by looking into banking sector and capital market.

The second chapter “State of the Bangladesh Economy in FY2016-17 (Second Reading): CPD’s Recommendations for the Upcoming Budget” presents CPD’s perspectives in the context of the proposed national budget for FY2017-18 by taking the current dynamics of macroeconomic performance as the reference points. The focus of this chapter is on four areas: (a) taking cognisance of the macroeconomic stances in terms of sustainable growth acceleration and enhanced employment generation; (b) enhancing resources for the budget; (c) supporting the private investment; and (d) strengthening social security and provision of human resources development for the marginalised and vulnerable groups. The report uses the most recent data from available official sources. Most of the recommendations on the upcoming budget have been derived from earlier in-depth analytical works undertaken by CPD.

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