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Development Policies since Independence- Fahmida Khatun

Routledge-Handbook-of-Contemporary-Bangladesh-coverAn analytical chapter titled “Development Policies since Independent” authored by Dr Fahmida Khatun, Research Director, CPD, has been published in a book titled Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Bangladesh. This paper focuses on policies in areas such as agriculture, industry, trade, finance and human development in Bangladesh. The chapter also discusses the development policy shifts experienced by Bangladesh, economic performances, and challenges for achieving higher growth.

This book is a collection of several insightful articles on politics, society and economy of Bangladesh. The Handbook will be of interest to students and academics of South Asian studies, as well as policymakers, journalists and others who wish to learn more about this increasingly important country.



Editors: Ali Riaz; Mohammad Sajjadur Rahman

Publisher: Routledge

Publication date: 11 February 2016

ISBN: 978-0-415-73461-5 (hbk)

978-1-315-65101-9 (ebk)


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