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Press reports and Editorials on State of the Bangladesh Economy in FY2014


CPD-IRBD (Independent Review of Bangladesh’s Development) study on “State of the Bangladesh Economy in FY2014 (Third Reading)” presented during a media briefing at BRAC Centre Inn on Sunday, 1 June 2014. Press reports [pdf ~4.92 MB] and Editorials [pdf ~462 KB] published between 1-3 June 2014.   Published in The Financial Express CPD questions BBSs …

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Professor Mustafizur Rahman on food inflation

Published in Banik Barta on Friday, 25 April 2014. চালের দাম বাড়ায় আরো নাজুক হতদরিদ্ররা  সাইদ শাহীন অঞ্চলভেদে এক মাসের ব্যবধানে চালের দাম বেড়েছে কেজিতে ৪-৭ টাকা। এর সরাসরি প্রভাব পড়ছে দরিদ্র ও হতদরিদ্র পরিবারগুলোর জীবনমানে। বাড়তি দামের সঙ্গে কুলিয়ে উঠতে না পেরে বাধ্য হয়ে চালের ভোগ কমিয়ে দিচ্ছে এসব …

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CPD 2008 IRBD study on food consumption and inflation cited in academic journal


Cited as Lekhe, F., Islam, L., Islam, S.Z., Akter, A., 2014. “Giffen Behavior for Rice Consumption in Rural Bangladesh“. International Journal of Applied Economics, 11(1), 48-59. Abstract: Rice is the staple food in Bangladesh. Thus, the price of rice is an important economic factor in Bangladesh especially for poor people. In Bangladesh, during …

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Bali Outcome: Implications for Bangladesh

Dr Fahmida Khatun, CPD Research Director, writes on the outcomes of the recently concluded WTO Ministerial Conference held in Bali, Indonesia, particularly in light of the newly announced ‘Bali Package’ for the LDCs, published in The Daily Star on Tuesday, 10 December 2013.   Bali outcome: implications for Bangladesh Fahmida Khatun …

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