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Young Scholars Seminar Series (YSSS): FDI Scenario in LDCs

The challenges facing flow of foreign direct investment (FDI) to the least developed countries (LDCs) was highlighted at a presentation at CPD on 25 February 2010. This was a part of CPD’s Young Scholars Seminar Series (YSSS).

Laura Jepson, a graduate from Canada who is doing an internship at the CPD made a presentation titled FDI in LDCs: Challenges, Experiences and Suggestions for the upcoming LDC IV. In her presentation Laura explored factors affecting the flew of FDI to LDCs, attendant problems and challenges, expected benefits of FDI, and policy weaknesses that inhibit FDI’s contribution in LDCs. The paper suggested that it is important for the LDC governments to put in place conducive policies for attracting FDI to that inhabit the private sector and improve the overall investment environment.


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