/Advancing LDCs Interests in the WTO: Strengthening Participation, Securing Priorities
Advancing LDCs Interests in the WTO: Strengthening Participation, Securing Priorities 2018-02-18T18:15:39+00:00


LDCs are becoming increasingly globalised; however, strengthened integration of their economies continues to face formidable and multidimensional challenges. These relate to a host of issues including raising export competitiveness, overcoming market access barriers and addressing systemic concerns in global trading system. A number of issues of concern and interest to the LDCs, particularly in the areas of market access, trade facilitation, services sector development and waiver for the LDCs, aid for trade, special and differential treatment for the LDCs and making trade work for attaining SDG Goals and Targets, among others, have become critically important from the perspective of the LDCs. The present programme aims to undertake a number of activities to advance LDC interests particularly in the context of the emerging multinational trading system and in view of the ongoing negotiations in the WTO. It is reckoned that, the aforesaid emerging needs will call for addressing six important tasks:(i) rigorous evidence-based research in areas which could promote trade interests to the LDCs; (ii) examination of implications of the developments in the global trading system for the economies of the LDCs; (iii) informed participation of LDCs in WTO negotiations; (iv) identification of appropriate strategies that could promote interests of LDCs as a group in various concerned fora; (v) raising awareness of key stakeholders in trade-related issues through policy advocacy and dissemination and (vi) trade-related capacity building through trainings and dialogues. The proposed programme aims to address these felt-needs through various activities under the aforementioned programme. In view of this, the programme seeks to undertake an indepth research to articulate offensive and defensive interests of the LDCs in global trading system and in view of the negotiations in the WTO.

This programme is being implemented jointly by the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), Bangladesh and South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics and Environment (SAWTEE), Nepal with support from Opportunity Fund of Think Tank Initiative (TTI-OF).

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