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State of the Bangladesh Economy in FY2017-18 First Reading

Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) organised a media briefing on the release of the State of the Bangladesh Economy in FY2017-18 (First Reading) on 13 January 2018 in Dhaka. Mr Towfiqul Islam Khan, Research Fellow at CPD, presented the analysis [...]

Time to be vigilant, not to be complacent

There is hardly any room for us to be complacent, rather we need to be vigilant with every component of the fiscal framework. However, careful steps need to be taken while implementing the budget as the changed financial structure will have to depend more on domestic resources.

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Private investment must pick up to drive the economy

Stagnant private investment and inadequate employment creation are becoming giant hurdles for the Bangladesh economy. To achieve 7.4 percent GDP growth target, Bangladesh will need an additional BDT 66,000 crore in private investment.

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Right political economy needed for efficient budget delivery

Political foresight and strong accountability measures are key for effectively implementing and monitoring the National Budget FY2017-18. The proposed budgetary measures had not been adequately debated in the Parliament.

Higher GDP growth should have led to higher employment

Bangladesh’s GDP growth rate is estimated to reach 7.2 percent in FY 2017. While achieving the growth figures has dominated attention, it has not been able to create more jobs in the economy.

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Role of public representatives critical for framing and implementing the national budget

Public representatives must take greater ownership of Bangladesh’s national budget for improving its transparency, accountability and for efficiently achieving implementation targets. As the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) is likely to pursue an expansionary fiscal policy in FY 2017-18, a bigger [...]

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Effective decentralised budget key to achieve SDGs: pre-budget dialogue in Rangpur

Effective decentralisation of the national budget is key to mainstream the marginalised communities with the national development process. Backward regions like Rangpur will require a special budget for bringing people into the development mainstream and improve their life and livelihoods, [...]

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CPD Recommends Rationalised NSD Interest Rate, Fuel Price and Exchange Rate

Download: Presentation | Paper Bangladesh government needs to focus on lowering the interest rate of National Savings Bond (NSD) and adjustment of fuel price and exchange rate to sustain the economic growth for FY2016-17. Three reforms are vital as well- banking [...]

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Role of Media Vital for Attaining Global Goals

  Bangladesh is on the path of graduating from the category of Least Developed Countries (LDCs). The country is also pursuing implementation efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Along with other actors, the media can play a critical [...]

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In spite of higher score the ranking is not impressive for Bangladesh: GCR 2016-17

Bangladesh has moved one notch upward in the global competitiveness ranking by securing 106th position among the 138 countries. However, Bangladesh is still an under performer in the ‘Basic Requirement’ sub index of the competitiveness. In terms of score, Bangladesh [...]

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Boosting Investment Key to Achieve 7.2pc GDP in FY2017

To sustain the macroeconomic stability in Bangladesh the government should focus on raising the rate of investment in the economy. Stimulating the Special Economic Zones (SEZs) will attract both private and foreign investment which will contribute to the employment generation [...]

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Implementation Capacity & Reforms Key to Realising National Budget FY2017

The government needs to strengthen its institutional capacity and bring in necessary policy reforms to implement the national budget for FY2016-17. The scopes of investment from private sector needs to be encouraged and facilitated to source envisioned growth in the [...]

Dearth of institutional capacity constraining higher economic growth

The growth of the Bangladesh economy was strong and resilient throughout the FY2016 against a number of formidable challenges. Bangladesh will need to undertake the necessary policy reforms and institutional capacity development measures if the aspiration for higher economic growth [...]

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Qualitative improvement of budgetary framework necessary for higher economic growth to sustain

The gaps between fiscal projection and actual implementation are being widened every year. Between FY2009 and FY2016, the gaps have increased for almost all major components of the fiscal framework where the net foreign borrowing is the weakest, followed by [...]

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A special SME economic zone urged in Bogra: CPD pre-budget dialogue

Specialised economic zone is needed in Bogra for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Besides, appropriate infrastructure and communication development is must to support and encourage entrepreneurs in this sector. The government should focus on necessary budgetary allocations and fiscal-monetary incentives [...]